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Default What will be the surprises of training camp?

I'm going to say that one or more of the lower tier WR's suddenly appears on the radar screen and pushes Bradford and Gaffny. I think this is going to be an exciting race at training camp. I think a couple of the younger players have as much speed as Bradford and they have better hands. AJ becomes a bocking WR for DD.

BJ becomes the 2nd TE replacing BM.

Our O-line as planned works extemely well and becomes the talk of the NFL.

Carr looks very impressive, because of the time he has to see the field. However, the run becomes the dominating part of the offense behind DD and the O-line. The O-line doesn't still block as well they should for the passing formations.

DD looks very impressive running behind the revised O-line featuring our TE's and WR AJ.

Our D which we think on paper looks great has a number of problems and is still a year or two away. I hope not, but I think this is going to be the case. If they prove me wrong, hey, I would be happy.
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