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You are right, I wouldn't have guessed that high in the draft. At the time however there were many grumblings on these boards that said we might end up with a better pick than last in the round. I would have thought the Raiders would finish in the 9-7 10-6 range, but still would have kept it due to fact that he was damaged goods for that high of pick with minimal experience. Just my opinion. O didn't expect DD to do anything last year but be a 3rd down out of the backfield reciever. I felt that Mack and a backup were was sufficient, and we still had Wells. I wouldn't put MCGahee and Hollings in the same class when you compare stats and ability. McGahee I would have taken a chance on if he were in the same situation as Hollings. Hollings just didn't prove enough by only playing 4 games against weaker opponents.
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