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It is one thing to think the Raiders might slide a bit. It seems like a huge stretch though to think the pick would slide 30 slots.

1. Everyone one of the "with the 33rd pick in the draft we could have gotten [insert player]" are just irritating. A REASONABLE expectation would have had the Raiders around 8-8. Now if you ask who we could have gotten around the 50th pick, I could buy that. Talking about the 33rd pick in the draft is assuming we could see the future. If I had that I would have won the lottery a few times by now.

2. At this point DD has shown he can get 1000 yards in a season. He has shown some good things, but he doesn't look like a 1st tier RB to me. That is my opinion.

3. Scouts around the NFL were big on Hollings for a good reason. He has the tools to be a big time back. The reason more teams didn't step up to the plate (in the supplemental draft) is the same reason that McGahee fell in the draft, he is a risk due to the injury. Hollings fell some more because of his limited college experience. But let me reiterate, scouts like this guy. He has the "p" word. While he may never live up to it, he has higher potential than DD IMO. Is he a roll of the dice? Sure.
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