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Originally Posted by SassyTexan
Chargers having problems with Rivers too ..

The San Diego Tribune is reporting that " contract talks between the Chargers and first-round draft pick Philip Rivers have not progressed since the two sides met last week in Newport Beach. The quarterback's agent, Jimmy Sexton, believes that Rivers should get paid like the top overall pick because the NFL awarded the team extra money in the rookie salary pool because they did exercise the top pick in the draft."
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Rivers agent is ridiculous! Has there ever been a #1 pick who was passed over by other teams? How is it logical to pay him more than Gallery? The Raiders had the choice of both and took Gallery. The same can be said for Fitzgerald. Even the Chargers pased on Rivers, wanting him plus draft picks to be equal to Manning. Only one person can say no one passed on him and that's Eli.

The extra rookie cap that the Chargers have allows them to structure their contracts in a more relaxed fashion, as is their right as the #1 drafting club. Perhaps they valued this as part of their deliberations when considering their trade. The Giants will have to be a little more creative, in the same way but to a lesser extent than the C'boys with Henson. I see zero logic in Rivers saying lets just ignore everything that actually happened and pretend I went first.

I think Rivers was lucky he was drafted 4th. But for the potential of a trade, I don't believe the Giants would have taken Rivers.
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