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OK personally I think that there will be no way that Hollings takes the job from Davis unless Davis get injured, or plays horribly.

What has hollings showed yall that gives you a reason to believe that he will be an elite NFL RB. He has speed, wow, thats wonderful, what else does he have? Average vision, basically no quickness and cutback ability, no receiving talent, not good at picking up Blitzing LBs, what is it.

DD may not have the seed to break 70 yards, but he will give you positive yardage basically every play because he falls forward, stop on a dime agility, hands that at this point I say are more reliable than Corey Bradfords, great balance and the ability to bounce off defenders like a pinball, low center of gravity, nice blocking skills. Oh and 1031 yards after starting after the 6th game and being out for a couple. Had he been the starter in game one he probably would have had over 1300 yards. Yeah Hollings is going to challenge DD.

If the Fins give us a 1st rounder for Hollings id trade him in a new york second, firstly because their O revolved around Ricky Williams so they will probably win like 5-6 games this year. A top 10 pick would be extraordinary.
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