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Originally Posted by Beastlyman2003
SO youre telling me that you would use pretty much a first round pick on a running back, that played in four games at running back in his WHOLE CAREER, BEFORE he tore his knee up? And no, option QB is not the same as running back, because in High School football when running an option or wishbone offense, the QB gets the advantage to pitch the ball if he doesnt have alot of green in front of him. All it is, is either pitching the ball, or sprinting downfield. And besides, in HS, all you need to be a star is speed. And at GT, he was a backup DB. Granted, the four games he played running back, IN COLLEGE, where pretty good, he will end up being a waste of a high second round choice.
McGahee hasnt even played in one, and everyone thought that the Oakland pick was going to be late in the 2nd round.

his games in college were pretty good??? 160 yards and 4 TDs per game. His college games were unbelievable...

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