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Exclamation Is it me or....

Does it look like Coleman is not showing any remorse? He doesn't think he has done anything wrong

1.Why is he smiling coming out of Court?
2.He didn't take the Breath test at the scene
Back in May, an officer responded to a traffic hazard and found Coleman's vehicle damaged and partially on a curb within a lane of traffic. He was offered a breath test after a DWI task unit was called to the scene, but refused.

At the trial, a police video showed Coleman stumble when asked to walk a straight line and he lost his balance when asked to stand on one leg.

Coleman claimed at the trial that he wasn't intoxicated, blaming the crash on a distraction while adjusting the car radio.
He claims he wasn't intoxicated why not take the Breath Test?
3.He refused Community Service for jail time
Rather sit in jail then help inner city youth.
4. Never apologize to the judge for his actions! After being found guilty!
If this is a so-called mistake shouldn't you be man about it and admit it not deny it? People on here show more remorse than he does!
Coleman is not acting like it is a mistake!

By the way remember this:

Wonder what he did? He is a season veteran not a rookie. Looks like he is not dedicated on being a TEXAN! Tell you what if Jammal Lord does well in camp.Don't be surprised for the Texans to move him! Texans are a top notch Organization. They want Model Citizens not just Football Players! Aaron Glenn now that is a Model Citizen and Consummate Player!
PATS are Reloading! ;-)
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