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I just can't wait to see how it all plays out this year. Davis had a good first year last year, now we get to see how he will do over a full year. Another first season that compares to Davis was that of Rodney Thomas, who gained over 900 yards but then lost his job to Eddie George. I'm not saying that Davis = Thomas because I think Davis will have a better NFL career than Thomas, but it remains to be seen. I do know that Davis really stepped up last year and that if it wasn't for him, the Texans would have had a very dismal year and we wouldn't have anywhere near the same optimism for the 2004 season.

Tony Hollings will also make things interesting this year. He hasn't had much experience at running back, but Casserly and the scouting staff know a thing or two about talent so I have to assume that if Hollings is healthy he will be a pretty good RB. As just about everyone around here knows, it is the second season after knee surgery when a player will have his full speed and strength back, so the Hollings that we saw last year hopefully isn't the Hollings we will see this year. Hollings should still be developing as a RB just because he hasn't had the reps, especially in the passing game where he has to pick up the blitz. Regardless, we should finally get an idea this season about what kind of talent we have in Tony Hollings.

I think the RB position is very symbolic of the entire Texans team this year. This third year is the first year the Texans have enough talent and depth to be an average team in the NFL. It will be exciting to see how players like Davis, Hollings, Carr, Johnson, Gaffney, Joppru, Wand, Pitts, Peek, Babin, Robinson develop. All 11 of those guys were drafted by the Texans and should see quite a bit of playing time this year. If they play well, this could be a year we all remember for a long time.......the year the Texans served notice that they would be a factor from now on.
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