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Wow, I can't believe the position many of you have taken on Dominick Davis. Comparing him to Gary Brown? The same Gary Brown who played behind a stellar offensive line in mid-season stride?!? The same Gary Brown who never met a donut he never liked?

C'mon, and be for real.

As far as Hollings, I personally never saw him run in college, and frankly it doesn't matter, I saw him last year and he never looked like much to me. I bet you could line up Jamal Lord, pitch him the ball, and he could run around the corner and be as effective or better than Hollings did last year (I know he is coming back from injury). Potential smopential. Time will tell, and I hope I am wrong. The coachs and management are obviously going to give Hollings the benefit of the doubt because they gave up a high second rounder for him but I really don't think he will be traded to Miami before the season.

Anyway, my point is, DD, for a fourth rounder drafted to be a kick return specialist (are those guys usually slow?) inserted mid-season as the starting running back for the Texans and averaging approximately 100 yards should EARN you some respect before people start tearing you down. The guy was a rookie without the benefit of training camp experince and DD was tearing up some good competition. The guy always seemed to be running hard and over people with great vision between the tackles.

Everyone can talk fantasy about what could happen, I could start listing Biakabutuka's, and KiJana Carters, and many others in regards to unseen potential.

Dominick has shown to be productive, a quick study, exhibits a great work ethic, a hard nose runner, keeps his legs pumping, great vision, quick feet, and perhaps he is not the fastest in the 100 yard dash but 4 rushes of 25 yards will still get the Texans in the end zone.

Mark my words that DD, with the benefit of last years experience along with a full training camp this year, combined with the physical improvements of a NFL offseason, will make DD, and the Texans offense a force in the league.

Lastly, don't forget Dominick is also a great receiver out of the backfield!! And don't even give me the Carr used him as a crutch and stunted his potential.

So keep Gary Brown out of the discussion and in the donut shops and recognize the contribution that DD has made to the Texans (for me as a fan, the excitement of a rushing touchdown and a few W's in the win loss. I sincerely hope Tony Hollings errupts into a great back also, but for now, the man who has proven a winner in my book is Dominck Davis.

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