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Exclamation Coleman Sentenced

How is it a man convicted of a crime has the option of Jail time or Community Service. He prefers Jail Time! Why does the Judge only give him 3 DAYS in JAIL not the MAX (6 months)! Does the Judge have Season Tickets or something? Something is not right here! Just went to click2houston please read this:

"In addition to the jail time and fine, Coleman's driver's license was suspended for one year. He will be allowed to drive to work in a car outfitted with a Breathalyzer device that requires him to breathe into it to start the vehicle"

What the HELL is that! Why take away your License? If you can still drive! Suppose to be taking a Bus or a Cab!
Defeats the Purpose of your Punishment! You are supposed to be learning a Lesson here. I guess our tax dollars are paying to have a Breathalyzer device put into a Multi Millionaire's Car! I donít see it do you?
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