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Originally Posted by infantrycak
You are leaving out a key piece of your analysis. A ball travelling on a flatter trajectory will stay within the 3ft to 7ft off the ground band (i.e. where it is more catchable) for much more of the time it is travelling down field and more in line with the movement of the WR travelling horizontally down field than one thrown to the same distance but in a more arcing trajectory--think frisbee vs. lawn dart. Bottom line, whatever style of QB needs to deliver a catchable ball to the WR and all three Texans' WR's missed serious long opportunities to Bradford and AJ last year.
Precisely the reason why I said what I said. It is harder to throw to a receiver when a defensive man is between the QB and the receiver when you are a flat passer. The ball is more in range for the defensive man as well. Therefore, it has to be thrown where only the receiver can catch it. Again, slight changes make for big differences. I'm not disagreing with the comment that the passes should be completed. However, I think this year will be a better test, because Carr should have more time. That should allow even greater separation between the receiver and the defender. Hopefully we will see more long completions.
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