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To use another analogy lets compare Ben Hogan to Jack Nicklaus. Ben was very accurate, but a much shorter hitter of the ball. The reason he was more accurate was that he had less variability in his high arching shot, but he could not hit for the great distances of Jack. Jack was not nearly as accurate, but he was a great putter in his hay day. You see a lot of passers today throwing the flatter ball for greater distances, but they are much more inaccurate. If you watch Manning, you will see he can deliver both styles of balls. The flat pass is not a touch pass and that's one of the reasons you see what looks like an over throw. Slight differences in the angle or the power of the throw lead to great variances. Its harder for the receiver to run under the ball. The arching throw, however, is more easily defended do to timing of the ball getting to the receiver. There is simply more time to defend the reception.
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