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Originally Posted by Beastlyman2003
Oh im sure AJ was blocking downfield, but there is no way that he was blocking his man 56 yards down field.
The way I remember the play: AJ was moved in motion across the formation, i think, to the left from the right to help the TE's block down on the D-line, LBs, and the other saftey coming down into the box. It was 3rd and 1. Davis got by one guy and took off down field, but not before AJ took off and was chasing the saftey, that hadnt come down to blitz, to block him for DD. The saftey was taking an angle up the field because AJ was there and he knew he couldnt get DD with AJ in the way so he saw DD taking an angle towards the sideline and ran upfield to cut DD so he would have to go back to the middle of the field but AJ was too fast, caught up with him and was blocking him 40 yards down the field. DD couldnt get by AJ in time and the CB caught him from behind....

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