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Originally Posted by infantrycak
...It was just sickening on more than one occasion last year watching him with 3 steps on the db and no deep assistance (i.e. basically a sure fire TD) and then get overthrown.
As I recall, the Bengals game was particularly bad. Carr missed Bradford several times where he had cleanly beaten the CB. On the other hand, Carr was limping around and his ankle was heavily taped, possibily affecting his delivery.

Statistics can be misleading (remember that the average human has one testicle - what does that tell you about gender?)

Player - Avg - YAC - POC
Bradford - 19.2 - 9.9 = 9.3
Johnson - 14.8 - 6.7 = 8.1
Gaffney - 11.8 - 3.9 = 7.9

I recall Johnson catching a lot of passes at the line of scrimmage on quick looks, that would reduce his averages compared to Bradford.
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