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Originally Posted by Lucky
Passes thrown to Bradford resulted in a 37.5% completion rate. That's one of the lowest completion rates for any WR in the NFL. It wasn't much better in '02 when the completion % to him was 39.5%. Passes thrown to Johnson & Gaffney are completed at over 50%. So on 3rd down, who are you throwing to? Bradford is an explosive WR, but it's too often feast or famine. Plus, he's a vet so I don't expect a lot of improvement from him. 30-40 catches & 700 yards is about what should be expected from Bradford.
You have to wonder if that completion percentage is a function of where the ball was thrown. I'm sure that most of Bradford's attempted receptions were further down field on the average. I think that is a key contributor to the difference. Keep in mind that Bradford only dropped one pass last season.
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