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Default Another opinion from the gallery?

Last evening, as we all know, Marcus Coleman was convicted on his DWI. As I was listenting to 610, many voiced their opinion regarding what the league and the Texans organization should do. Fine him? Suspend him? Suport him? Don't Support him? One caller actually was upset the organization was in his corner prior to the conviction and said they would be there after.

My opinion is this. If we were in the same situation as Marcus Coleman, we all may be scared, upset, nervous, sorry, embarrassed, etc. We all would have a range of emotions that this young man is going through. But the bottom line is, we, like him, would realize that we made a traggic mistake that could have cost someone their lives, along with our own. I for one beleive, maybe he should be given a fine by the NFL (As he has) and given community service time, monitored. HE MADE A MISTAKE! Jail time is not warranted. Suspend his license. But to take the man away from his livelihood, to take food away from his family (although it may be lobster), is wrong. He still has the responsibility to support his family and the right to do so. The case that he makes millions of dollars is irrelevant. The Texans organization, like we all wish we had at our respective jobs, should support their employee to the best of their ability, not labeling him as a bad seed and no longer suitable for society, but aid him in getting help for a potential problem! But to throw this guy to the side of severe criminals that plague our society everyday, looking for an opportunity to feast off of hard working citizens is wrong. I hope Caleman learns from his mistake and continues to be a productive Texan and citizen and I will continue to support his efforts for help and pray for his family!
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