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Originally Posted by SteelBlue
People who complain about ESPN's game usually have only played it in the patty-cake settings and don't crank the game up to its higher levels. I would rather spend an hour playing ESPN than Madden. If EASports ever brings their franchise to xbox Live I will probably still play ESPN more. I just enjoy that game more. I also like the ability to talk to my friends when on xbox Live.

I hear you on that....voice chat is awesome! I don't complain about ESPN, I rented both and just felt like Madden was more intact in terms of gameplay. The thing about ESPN that discouraged the intent to buy was the running game. But now that you mention cranking up the level evens the odds out, I'm anxious to see just how that is. I loved everything about was just the running game that made me lose interest. The presentation aspect is just beautiful....looks like it'll be better this year.
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