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This is why I am done with Fantasy Football.

Because unforeseen things like Gore's injury just lets all the air out of the tires.

I mean, I know you guys will roast me for coming here and saying this, but I can't resist it. Like a moth to the flame, so to speak.

So much "work" gets put into shaping your roster, and then dumb things like this happen. Hours of planning, strategizing, and then BAM! it was all for nothing.

Still, I can understand why some people can remain undeterred and actually embrace and love all of these sorts of things that drive me absolutely bonkers.

The best league I have ever been in? The one where you draft all starters AND your bench players, whom you also drafted, also get THEIR points counted every week. It beats having to make roster decisions every week. Once you got your team drafted, it's on auto-pilot unles you want to make some tweaks here and there. But at least it allows you to have more than just your starters' points count.

In years' past, I had a strong bench but could never capitalize on it. Now, this year's league makes it possible.
This is why you have to build a deep, strong team. I am still starting Arian Foster and Jamaal Charles so I still feel good about my chances. Wes Welker is FINALLY starting to turn things around a bit so I can put him at the flex or #2 WR, and I went out and jumped on Brian Westbrook as soon as I heard about the injury. I also have Maurice Morris and LeGarrette Blount at RB. Sure, it isn't the same as starting Foster, Gore, and Charles every week, but this is how the cookie crumbles.

It was still a great trade that I worked out. Just sucks that my first game with Gore has to end with him injured for the season. Ouch...
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