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wow, some of you are looking back with some "can't do no wrong" attitude instead of looking at what actually happend.
Walker has been to a pro-bowl in one of the two seasons here! How can that be a negative?
Never said it was he was a negative, just the price we paid for it. We've gone over the cost benefit analysis of Boselli-Walker-Payne many times. As it stands we got 2 DL that play 64% of the time for the Boselli debacle. That did impact our ability to go after top tier free agents the past couple of years no matter how you slice it. If you add Boselli's salary to Walkers and Paynes, they'd be one of the highest paid players on any defensive line. Since there is a cap and we are investing a lot in 2 starters out of 11 on our defense, we've missed a couple of opportunities to go out add a higher quality player because of cap restrictions. Please don't think that eating 6 million does affect us. We ended paying for it by not upgrading an area of need last year, and essentially blew 6 million and having a guy like Deloach or Stephans start.
we have had the worst offense in the NFL during this time.
And during that whole time Boselli was inactiveand cost us a ton of money to play a quessing game and put a stranglehold on us to go out and get someone else. If we had never taken Boselli we'd have had one of the DL from the Jags, had picked up a LT high in the draft one of the last 2 seasons and probably be having more a 'unit' prepared going into this season instead of more line shifting going into the 3rd year.

Kudos to the GM for plugging holes I guess and getting a couple of good FA. But let's not claim him anything more than decent potential until the smoke has cleared.

I can see a grade of C+, but certainly not excellent
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