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They paid just a little above market value for Wade. It was a need that they had to fill. How much did they pay for Boscelli? Considering the risk - was that preceived as a bad move? Not at all. Especially since it allowed us to acquire Walker and Payne. So the Texans are not affraid to pay the right people for their abilities. And they wont be in the future either. If it was a little, big deal. They have plenty of cap room and are far from being in a financial pinch. We got the guy that we needed - can you really place a dollar value on that?

They are ultimately looking at what they are paying for their starting tackles. Wand is a 3rd rounder in his second year probably counting less than 500k for the year. Wade is 2.2 mil against the cap this year and only 3.1 million next year. That comes to 2.7 million for your starting tackles in 04 and 3.7 million next year in 05. What are the Raiders paying again? or the Broncos, Jacksonville, Bucs, Chargers or anyone really. We are on the cheap for that position and the leadership knows that. Good stuff.

Great thread question.
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