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While I believe the front office has done well, I have a different take on this matter. If you listen to the players who are signing, I'm more impressed by their attitudes. The Texans seem to find people with very impressive attitudes and people who seem to be quite intelligent. They want to be treated fairly, but they also feel being on the field is important. They seem not to be in it just for the money. I'm impressed with the comments by DR concerning Glenn and Coleman. It certainly appears that the Texans are a very close knit organization. I hope we continue to see that attitude from top to botton. I would hope the remaining draftees sign rapidly and realize they have more to gain by being there than not. I think the Texans have signed those they need to and it would be a mistake to try to hold out. We will simply move on. In fact if Earl doesn't sign I would think that would make Lord happy.
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