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i think its much more than just drugs. He has stated that he smokes marijuana as do most likely a VERY large percentage of pro athletes. Some get caught others dont. No one retires cause they are facing a 4 game suspension.

I think he just doesn't enjoy spending 11 months out of the year dealing with football. Its alot of work and i dont think he wanted to do it anymore.

As much as we as fans are upset that we will not see him breaking more runs and how close we feel we have come to him in his career because of his Texas roots, we can't judge someone for choosing to change their career.

How many people here have changed their careers, or those of us in school changed a major?

He may be making a mistake in football terms, and his earing power will not equal what it was before. But Ricky is a smart enough man to know those things, and obviously making alot of money and continueing to play football are not important enough to him. Robert Smith, Barry Sanders, Ted Williams, Jim Brown, Michael Jordan (the first time), all walked away at their apex.

He will have more than enough money to survive on, not to mention that 2 years from now he could always come back and still be an impact.
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