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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

Originally Posted by DexmanC View Post
This is a thread where people come to vent. When Kubiak stops giving
us reasons, then the thread will die.
Originally Posted by VTexan View Post
Then don't read it.

Problem solved.
Exactly. I really don't understand why people have the need to even come in here and comment if they can't stand the thread so much. So what if it pops up on the newest posts. Just see it and go onto the next thread you are interested in.

Sure, the arguments may be tiresome, and I admit I get a bit tired of it too. But I can't blame people for wanting a place to come vent their frustrations. It is depressing being 9 years in and still looking for our first playoff appearance. It is frustrating to every year get your hopes up and think this is the year and that maybe finally Kubiak has put it all together and the constant mental lapses, poor clock management, strange substitutions, and head scratching game planning will be over with and we will look like a professional organization, but then the same things continue to happen. It is like being stuck in Groundhog Day living the same day over and over and over again.