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Default We are covered...

Antowine Smith (coming from the Pats) and Chris Brown make a very good couple. We are stronger than ever in that position.
Eddie George's departure just take off a load the team has been carring in the last 3 seasons. George had just 2 games over the 100+ yards, he had an average of 3.7 yards per carry on last season...his commitment to the team vanished since the Super Bowl appeareance in '99.

George just showed a decent commitment, at last year's post season game, playing against Baltimore. But that was it.

Many of us at the Titans Online Message Board, agree on that. We are pretty happy that George left...then many were really upset when learning that George signed the same type of contract the Titans were offering to him, with the Cowgirls.

The Titans are a very well balanced team, with the vets required in key positions, and very good and talented rookies, that all are very focused and fired-up to help the team to get the ultimate goal this coming season.

We won't miss George.
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