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Stick your spin where it don't shine. The common measuring stick used by every commentator around for O's, D's, QB's, RB's, etc. is yards and that's what I used. You might notice it is the default sorting criteria on the stat sites. But I guess Schaub wasn't really the "leading passer" last year because he didn't have the most passing TD's and CJ wasn't the "leading rusher" because he didn't have the most rushing TD's.
Touchdowns, especially on a team basis, is what counts IMO. But I'll bite. Let's take a larger sample size and look at the ten worst teams in yards allowed per game. Their combined record: 25-30. Take the Texans out of that list and add in the next worst defense by your standards (the Raiders), and they are a combined 23-32. Take that and stick it "where it don't shine."