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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

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That's my point, right there in bold!!! Some people aren't happy unless they're miserable. The defense sucks!! Gary Kubiak sucks!! Andre Johnson, well nevermind there!!! The cheerleaders suck and not in the good way. It matters not!! Because a win is a win is a win... Unless you're Texan fan, then it's a win is a whine is a whine!!!

What? I don't know our defense sucks? I've been preaching defense since the days of Sharper, Glenn, Coleman, Payne and Gary Walker!!! I can admit that.

Some people ***** to hear themselves ***** or at least wanna make themselves out to be some self-professed genius. These are the same people that tell you stats are for losers, but when those stats are negative, they are the first ones to bring it up..

The only stats that matter are:
#1 in the AFC South.

Thank G*D I'm going to Ren Fest this weekend!! I need a weekend away from the geniuses around here.
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This is the frustrating hypocrisy. Of course analyzing the team is the main purpose of this MB but many of the naysayers last year called any attempt to analyze and see improvement drinking koolaid, being a homer, making excuses because all that mattered was the record. Now the record doesn't count.
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I don't see people claiming the D is just hunky dory.
Geez, no one, at least that I have read, is saying the record doesn't count. But guess what guys? The season doesn't end after 6 games. 4-2 is great! I am thrilled!

But if all of you recognize that the D looks like shit, then how can you be overly optimistic about the next 10 games? This defense is the worst defense in the entire league. We can't reasonably expect our offense to continue getting lucky and making huge plays at the end of games to keep us winning. It simply isn't realistic.

But go on. Continue celebrating the fact that we are 4-2. I am happy too. I'm also a realist and recognize we can't continue doing the things that we have been doing. We can't continue giving up 410.5 yards per game, 306.2 passing, and 27.8 points per game. The teams we are surrounded by (Detroit, Oakland, Arizona, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Denver) are a combined 11-23. Good company.