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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

Originally Posted by thunderkyss View Post
Yes, Kubiak will get us to the promised land.
Yes, I was very happy with out defense last year.
Yes we've played the way I would like
It's kinda hard to turn the corner when you guys keep moving the damn thing.
Fair enough.

I just have to ask, are you related to Kubiak? Friend with him? Dating him?

These ugly wins.... would have been losses last year. Plain & simple. It's nothing that is going to show up on a stat sheet. Nothing you can put your finger on. It's that intangible maturity level we were lacking last year. If we're 100% healthy after the by, this team is going to turn circles around those corners you keep moving.
Agreed. I am happy they have been wins instead of losses.

Take inconsistent out of your vocabulary. Let's get more specific. What's wrong with our pass defense? If you say secondary, show me... if you say it's our young corners, show me.
I don't have the time to analyze tapes, print out pictures for you, or any of that crap. I go by what I see when I watch the game. What I see is that our linebackers, safeties, and corners are not that great in coverage. It was Kubiak's fault for sticking with the status quote and not doing anything to improve upon our pass defense.

There are plenty of threads around here discussing the specifics. Several posters have contributed evidence contrary to popular belief, but we keep getting the same arguments..... inconsistency.

Let's get specific, what's been inconsistent?
I don't care to play semantics with you. Our entire team has been "inconsistent." Our offense can't seem to pass the ball one half, but then is successful the next. Our defense can't seem to defend the pass or stop the run one half, but then is successful the next. We have put up one "consistent" game this season: the Colts game.