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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

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this is what i disagree with. heck yeah i'm happy with the way we're winning. we dominated a team who goes no worse than 12 wins every season and in week 6 already have 2 come from behind wins. the second part of that statement describes what all great teams do, they find ways to win when things arent going well.

kubiak is a former offensive coordinator. a former quarterback. he coaches potentially the best offense in the league. has hired a staff who is familiar with him and doesnt appear to be finished. has given most money and draft picks to the defense and still dominates on offense. if there's a gripe with what kubiak's done it's frank bush ... though across 13 games of last season we had a fairly good defense, so i want to see what happens after the bye before proclaiming that the sky is falling.
It's all perspective man. I see what you are saying but what I see is a team that only seems to really come out when their backs are against the wall or when they are really motivated (which is rare). The Colts game was one of those games. We came out ready to play and treated game 1 of this season like it was our Super Bowl. Our players were even hyping it as such and what did we do? We came out and punched the Colts in the mouth unlike just about any team we have ever played. I commend them for that.

But what do we do in game 2? We get stomped in the first half and have to rely on a miraculous comeback to win the game against a team we should have beaten fairly easily. And game 3? Well you know what happened.

If we come out and beat up on the Colts again in two weeks, then I will shut my pie hole. But I'm not counting on it...