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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

Originally Posted by Texan_Bill View Post
Fire Kubiak!!! Fire Kubiak!! Fire Kubiak!!!

Please!!! Some of you people are jokes and I thank the good Lord above, some of y'all are nothing more than posters on a message board and have nothing, whatsoever to do with the Texans!
I'd just like to know why you've done such a good job keeping up with this thread but have failed to answer my questions both times I have asked them.

Sure, get drunk celebrating the win. Party hard. Enjoy it. Am I happy we won? Hell yes. But am I happy the WAY we have been winning? Hell no. We have had ONE big time win. Kubiak has been consistently outcoached. Our defense has been abysmal. Our recent draft picks, Cushing off roids may eventually need to be included, have been failures up to this point (please note I am not saying they will NEVER be good or even great players).

I just have to know, do you think Kubiak is the answer? Forget all the posts by the people you refer to as "jokes." Just answer the ****ing question if you are going to bash everyone on here for expressing a viewpoint that is different than yours. Do you think Kubiak can or will be the guy to take us to the promised land? Do you think our defense has played up to par under Kubiak in his ENTIRE time coaching here? Have we really played the way you would like?

If the answer to all of those questions is yes, then continue your bashing. We are all Texans fans, and we all want what is best for this franchise. Some of us are just tired of believing this team has "turned the corner", but then continue to be let down by the teams poor play.

Just remember dude, we are all rooting for the same franchise. We are all happy that we are sitting at 4-2. We all want the best for this team. Some of us just see things that bother us, see big mistakes that bother us, and see an inconsistent team that can't seem to play two good halves and believe heads need to roll because of it.