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He's getting greedy, I wouldn't go for his trade. AJ is a beast when healthy, Hernandez could end up being a top 3 TE, and Felix Jones is going to be getting a lot more looks going forward.
You think Hernandez has that much potential?

What about if he was willing to take Spiller or Mike Tolbert instead of Jones?

It's funny cause I am asking a lot of people and everyone has the same response. When it is just AJ & one of my TEs for Marshall, Bradshaw, and Miller, they say go for it. Once he asked for Jones, everyone has said no way.

Just tell me which option(s) you think is best:

Option 1: AJ, Hernandez, & Spiller for Marshall, Bradshaw, & Miller
Option 2: AJ, Winslow, & Jones for Marshall, Bradshaw & Miller
Option 3: AJ, Hernandez, & Jones for Marshall, Ray Rice, & Miller
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