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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

Originally Posted by Texan_Bill View Post
*Thanks God above that some members of this board or just that, and not in the Texans organization*

Bill, I have a couple of sincere questions for you that I hope you will take the time to answer.

1. Do you think five years is enough time to get it right?

2. Do you think Kubiak is the man for the job and will be the coach to get us to the promised land? If yes, then continue calling everyone that wants Kubiak gone an idi0t.

3. Can you think of 8 games in the last two seasons where Kubiak has outcoached his opponent? I'm not talking about luck of the draw like the Washington game when we not only got lucky with Pollard blocking the field goal, not only got lucky with Andre making his miracle catch, and not only got lucky with Gano missing field goal try #2 in OT. I am talking about games like the Colts game this year or the Titans game last year.