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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

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I have my doubts about kubiak but we are 3-2
They have laid some turfs this year but if we can get a win versus KC in our own stadium we will be 4-2 going into a bye with Duane brown coming back and giving 15 days of recovery to the ailing

If they go into the bye at .500 with a trip to Indy on MNF...well it will be hard to find much optimism

This is pretty much sink or swim Sunday
1-3 at home would be a big bad omen for me

Trust me, if they keep failing i will be grabbing the pink soap real quick like. Didn't I start this thread anyway? jk ;(
Dude, did someone hack your account or something?

The change in your posts is nothing short of miraculous. Is this still "Doug from the Woodlands?"