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Originally Posted by beerlover
HATE is destructive, negative and a waste of energy. Its fine not to LIKE anything, not to support or even ignore that entity, rather say The Jaguars SUCK, their sportsmanship is poor and their a dirty team. I don't happen to share those viewpoints but I do recognize a budding rivalry.

The game on October 31st Halloween should be the most amped up, bizare crowd of the regular season. I think the Jaguars will be a very dynamic offense and it will be a joy to revel in the effectiveness of our re-vamped defense holding them in check and winning. I only hope there is no retailation, no cheap shots or brawls, just a ***** stomping at the OK Corral.
I would have to disagree at the moment about their offense. Leftwich is slow and inaccurate. One step below Michael Vick if you ask me who I believe is inaccurate. The one area of strength for Leftwich may be neutralized this year. I am sure defenses were playing their base defenses to feel him out last year. This year they have plenty of video to break the kid down. With him being so slow they could play more coverage and not worry about him scrambling as much.
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