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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

I have several problems with today's game. Here are a few of them:

1) When Schaub rolls out, he needs to get rid of the ball a lot quicker. I remember one play specifically when he rolled out to the right and Dreessen was coming across towards the sideline in front of Schaub. Instead of throwing it when Dreessen was open, and giving him a chance to make a play, Schaub held onto the ball until it was too late, and then threw it away. He made several similar plays today. He just seemed very slow in his reactions today.

2) Steve Slaton should not be returning kicks. He is terrible back there. I would rather see David Anderson returning kicks than Slaton, and Anderson shouldn't be returning punts or kicks either, which brings me to #....

3) David Anderson should not be returning Punts. He doesn't seem to track the ball very well in the air, and doesn't do much with it after he catches. it. It's days like this that I really miss J. J. Moses.

4) TheTexans are trying to get pressure on the QB with the front four, and aren't very effective. Since they are not putting much pressure on the QB, they are putting the secondary under extraordinary pressure.

5) Our secondary is young, and very inexperienced, so it looks like the DC is trying to protect them by playing a lot of zone. Because of this, even average QB's are able to pick them apart. On the few times that the Texans sent an extra man, and were able to put pressure on Manning, we were able to force a couple turnovers. I guess what I'm saying here is the Texans should blitz more. Combined with more blitzing, the Texans should run more Man-to-Man. The CB's are young, so put them out on an island, and make them prove that they deserve to be there. If they are playing hard and get beat, well, that's a learning experience for them. As it is, they are so far off the WRs that they are unable to make a play.

6) regarding #'s 4 & 5....This is a DC issue. From what I am seeing, the DC is not putting the guys in the positions to make plays. It looks as if he wants to play it safe isntead of letting the kids do what they were drafted to do. This doesn't instill any confidence in the team, and in all actuallity, it has more of a negative effect on the psyche of the players, because it make them think that their coaches don't believe in their abilities. This is a bad thing. I believe you should put these young CB's out on an island and let them either sink or swim. If they can't cut it, you find someone else who can. The thing is, you won't know if they can handle it until you make them try.

****At what point do you fire the DC?

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