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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

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Let's go in order:

1. AJ is obviously still not 100%. God bless him for trying, but he's (a) not able to do much out there for long stretches of time, and (b) not really fooling the defense each week he's out there and still not 100%. And (c) outside of AJ, there's no playmaker to open it up for the other guys.

2. I don't blame Arian Foster. I blame someone (Kubiak or Dennison, or both of 'em) for abandoning the running game so soon. It's as if we're jumping ship if Foster doesn't gain 100 yards in the first 10 minutes of the game. Where was a draw play? I never saw one. How many screen passes for our RBs today? I counted maybe 1 that was botched SEVERELY because of slow-poke Schaub moonwalking after the snap instead of running FAST.

3. Gurry Kubiak is NOT, and I repeat NOT, going to do what Joe Texan would do. These guys think they eat, sleep, and breathe football. They have their heads in a darkened office watching film and doing all kinds of crap to manage the daily horsecrap they gotta' maintain. This isn't 1954, Joe. You don't just pack up the kids and head down to Marfa, TX and make them run bear crawls in 100-degree weather in the sand dunes. Go watch the Junction Boys again, and get this out of your system already.

4. This may or may not get " fixed" this year, Joe. At this point, I don't really care. We're going to win some. We're going to lose some. Can we win enough to make the playoffs? And even if we did, could we BEAT a playoff team? I doubt it. Hence, it doesn't really matter even if we find a way to make the playoffs.

All of us should just enjoy whatever in the heck we get. Because it's what you're gonna' get if you want to say a Texans fan. Watch us play like crap. Watch us play real good. But in the end, we are going to be watching in some form or fashion.

So, yeah..I sort of agree with you (to a point)...but I don't necessarily sign off on everything you just said.

BTW, nice blue facepaint today. Saw you in a crowd shot, and I thought it really looked nice on you. Not exactly the same Texans steel blue color, but I give you props for the effort.
Thanks for saving me the time, GP. Rep to you if possible.