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I've been watching Houston NFL teams take the field since roughly 1976 now that I think about it. I was 11 then and when I look back my memories are kind of fuzzy and a little biased from general nostalgia and fondness for the time. One thing remains true without any exception and that's the fact that every team I ever watched play football was a direct reflection, for better or worse of it's coach.

Bum Phillips teams weren't sophisticated or exceptionally talented but they never quit and they left everything they had out on the field. Ed Biles teams appeared to lack direction as his tenure went on. Initially they were the same bunch of moderately talented overachievers that Bum Phillips had coached but as the games went by you could tell they lacked a motivator. Hugh Campbell's Oilers were low on both talent and experience and reflected his finesse approach to the game. They were soft and more often than not pushed around all over the field. Jerry Glanville's Oilers were angry, aggressive, and stupid and played dirty football with a chip on their shoulder just like the pompous little midget who led them wanted them to. Jack Pardee took that team and taught them a better version of their offense but never could teach them discipline. In fact I don't think he even tried. His team had the same disoriented look on their faces he had when things didn't go well. Jeff Fisher's Oilers I didn't pay attention to because they were a lame duck and I wasn't putting any money in Bud Adams pocket if I could help it.

Dom Capers Texans were a lot like Hugh Campbell's Oilers. Lacking in talent (on the field and on the sideline) they played simple, boring, unimaginative football that their "mimbo" rookie QB could understand. The first incarnation of the Texans was too stupid to do much of anything without shooting itself in the foot. In one word they looked lost much like a man with more than he can handle on his plate. I think that's an apt description of Dom Capers the Head Coach.

Gary Kubiak's Texans are.... frustrating and hard to figure out. There's something wrong with them on both sides of the ball and they are to a man Gary's guys. Make no mistake, if the team looks good it's on Gary and if the team looks like they did today then that's on Gary too. This is his mess. He picked them, he coaches them, and he tells them what to do. OK, so his coordinators do that last one but he picked those men as well. What you see on the field is a direct reflection of Gary Kubiak and what he's capable of doing. 5 drafts, 5 training camps, 5 shots at free agency are on display this season and there is no single factor that can possibly outweigh the imprint of Gary Kubiak and the job he's done.

We are 3-2 and tied for first place in our division. We went 3-1 in the first quarter of the season. We're 0-1 to start the second. If we enter the bye week at 4-2 and still holding on to a piece of the division lead then much of this will die down. If we slide into our bye week at 3-3 then the two weeks prior to the Colts on Monday Night Football will be filled with howls for Kubiak's head by fans who will have paid to see a 1-3 team at home.

I'm waiting until the Monday night game against the Colts to decide what I think about this bunch.
Stellar post, Herv! Very very well said. I really have nothing to add other than I will rep you if it lets me.