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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

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You started this. Not me. And, no, I am not basing my opinions about The Frat Boy on the movie W.

History is what it is.
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Amen. Both presidents have major issues.

Moving on, I agree with you. I had a really bad feeling the last couple of days about this game. We were a bit too fired up after Oakland. And, of course, we will now probably beat the hell out of KC.
Did you not read when I said the following:

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For the record, and then I want to stop with the political discussions period, I think Bush was a TERRIBLE president.
The point was it isn't about Bush or Obama or Clinton or Lincoln or Jefferson or your great grandma. My only purpose in even mentioning Obama was to state that it is amazing how people when they want to can make excuses for anything they want. Maybe a better analogy for you would have been that people are so good at making excuses for Kubiak they would probably be successful at convincing the world that their shit doesn't stink.

We certainly do live in an overly sensitive society...