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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK thread

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******** people!!!
Bill, come on man. You're awesome dude and one of my favorite posters, but when is enough enough for you? I mean the way this team week in and week out can only perform well enough to get the job done when their backs are against the wall points to one thing: poor coaching and poor game planning.

Every year it is the same thing and I feel like I am freaking bipolar with this team. Every year I start out believing Kubiak is the man for the job and he will be the guy to get us to the promised land. Actually, what else am I supposed to think? If I just think we are going to suck and the coach is a failure, why go through the pain, misery, and depression I feel on days like this?!?

But the man continues to do the same things and this organization continues to do the same damn things. We won't spend the money when it counts (Schobel, Rolle, etc.), and Kubiak continues to be on one week, off the next, on one half, and off the the next. It is ridiculous man, and I am just getting tired of seeing it.

I am sick and tired of the excuses!!!! Oh, we just don't have the personnel, our defensive backs just aren't good enough, our defensive tackles just aren't good enough, our running backs just aren't good enough, and the excuses go on and on and on!

Every team has weaknesses. Every freaking team in the NFL! But every year we continue to use our one or two weaknesses as our excuses for why we can never get over the damn hump. So when for you guys do the excuses stop? As I said man, I mean no disrespect in what I am saying. I honestly would like to know how you continue to be okay defending this organization. I mean sometimes I feel like the ardent defenders of the McNair organization are just like the homers defending the Obama administration constantly making excuses for why things aren't getting better.