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Originally Posted by Lucky
I'm sure they could do that to some extent. But according to the Girls are $9 mil under the cap. I doubt they have that much in future contracts they want to move up. A lot of younger players make just minimum salaries and there's nothing you can do with them. Some of the older guys you might not want around next year.

I read something a while back that teams have included not likely to be earned bonuses in player contracts in order to add cap room for the next year. When the player doesn't earn the bonus, the team is credited with that cap space for the next season. I guess the Girls could have done some of these types of manuevers, maybe they will. I just don't see them doing that much of it.
underline mine - Thank you for your post. I wasn't aware of the 'unearned bonus' angle.

I guess my point is that with the parity in the NFL, you have to use ever arrow in the quiver to try to get an advantage. I feel it is inexusable to allow substantial cap room from one year to lapse.
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