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Originally Posted by Dutchrudder View Post
Aaron Hernandez NE

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Any reasons why? You expecting big things from him? He has looked good so far, but seems like a bit of a risk.

Originally Posted by Super Mario View Post
Carlson has just let me down too many times. This would be the 3rd straight year I have had him, and he just never seems to produce consistently.

All I am looking for is a TE to put up 5-10 points a week consistently. He doesn't have to have huge upside, but some would be nice.

Originally Posted by The1ApplePie View Post
I'd dump Winslow. I have him and he is too injury-prone to be consistent. Either Carlson or Petigrew are good pick ups
You think so? Anyone else think I should drop Winslow? His upside is huge though. I mean when he plays, he is the Bucs number 1 option. The bye week is coming at a GREAT time for him, so he may be able to get healthy and come back and play well.

Originally Posted by Super Mario View Post
Celek is damn good though. Hate to see him get dropped then have a couple huge games.
Agreed. But I am afraid that Vick won't utilize him. It doesn't matter how great the TE is, take Vernon Davis for example so far this season, if the QB sucks or doesn't throw to him, he is worthless for fantasy purposes.

Anyone that gives me reasons for why I should pick up a certain player will be repped accordingly. Thanks in advance.
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