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Default Re: Fantasy Football Disagreement

Originally Posted by scourge View Post
In Texas I can shoot you for touching my garden gnomes on my property...

Ckw... should you pay? No, this is an excuse to not have to pay. As far as FF goes, no damage was done. If you really were a cheater you might not had even said thank you for the trade, much less admit it. He just wants out, and by emailing everyone he is setting others up for not wanting to pay for a league with an admitted cheater if/when they lose to a cheater. Stupid, but has a chance of happening.

But this is a violation of privacy and as far as that goes I'd potentially be pissed, too. You are upset that your best friend is calling you out as a cheater, but he has every right to be upset with a best friend who blatently invades his privacy for nothing more than boredom. There is a lack of respect there.

What others like Dutchrudder are overlooking/ignoring is that FF accounts are at times tied to email addresses. For instance, with Yahoo, your password IS your email password. So if it was Yahoo, you had access to any and all information you wanted to look at. He doesn't know, nor do any of us for that matter, that you haven't been in his emails before. Even if this is another FF site and doesnt use that email, who's to say you haven't tried this before on any other accounts? I don't think you have, and I do see what you did as just trying to play a harmless prank. I don't think you were trying to intentionally do more than what you did. In his defense, though, hacking this account is like picking the lock on his house and replacing some of his items with yours. If you don't have a key I don't want you breaking into my house without me knowing, regardless of intent.

This differs from what dc_txtech was talking about because as he said, they had a long standing rivalry of trying to mess with each others accounts. This wasn't that type of scenario. Yours came out of left field... again, because of boredom, not trying to just get him back for something done previously.
Good, fair post. For the record, it is an ESPN league so it has no ties to his email address or anything like that. I do think comparing me logging into his account is like me breaking into his house is quite a stretch, but your point is taken. One though actually involves his possessions, has him filing a police report and freaking out, and thinking he has to replace his locks, and the other involves him FANTASY football account being played with but everything repaired immediately.

Honestly if the roles were reversed, I might have been upset for a minute, called my friend a few four letter words, but would have been over it in a few hours once he got it fixed.
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