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Originally Posted by JB View Post
That's what I was thinking. He was just using this as an excuse to bail.

Not good.
Sure seems like it.

Like I said, we worked it out, and he apologized for the email. The commish is having someone else take over his team and pay the dues. He is officially out of the league.

Originally Posted by Super Mario View Post
You should not pay his dues. Sounds like he is being cheap. What are the dues?

But dont try to hack peoples accounts. And especially dont accept trades for them! I know you were bored, but sheesh. You gotta think!

Just buy him a bottle of his fav liquor and appologize.
Dues are $50. It isn't the money; it is the principle of the matter. Trying to make me pay his dues was his way of trying to get back at me and try to force me to admit I messed up his team. I refused and would continue to refuse to admit this as nothing I did messed up his team. Could it be looked at as an invasion of his privacy? Sure, and I apologized for that and told him it wouldn't happen again.

But I do have to respond to something you said. I'm not trying "to hack peoples accounts." I only did this because it was my best friend, and I honestly thought he would find it funny. I figured he would laugh about, call me some names, and it would be over with. I never imagined he would be as upset as he was.

Originally Posted by Rey View Post
If this guy is really one of your best friends then you should approach him as such.

There is no need for any more e-mails. This is a problem between two close friends. Leave everyone else out of this and you two settle it. Both of you guys were a little wrong, but ot sounds like he has something else going on in his life and that invasion of privacy set him off. You said he was acting fine the next day and then he went off...Maybe he is jealous of something you have...Maybe he is facing financial problems that he hasn't told you about....Maybe his teams lack of success just pisses him off...I can only speculate...

If I were you I'd just call him up and be honest...Tell him everything you've said here...Don't hold back...If you don't feel like you owe him anything tell him that...Tell him he's being a pucee...Tell him that you are sorry, but that he is taking it over board...

And then at the end of it, if y'all have to fight, then just fight. Probably be a good thing for both of you.
Good post man, and this is exactly what I did. I refused to back down because nothing I did affected his team. I apologized for the breach of privacy but that is it. But we are cool now.

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
Man, this is a funny story. Lol!

Believe it or not, I've seen stuff like this happen in leagues before and I've even seen corporate level guys act this way and try to get each other fired over this kind of argument more than once.

The guy has no case though. Not at all. The trade was vetoed and it never took place, so he has nothing to worry about. He wasn't cheated and even if he thought he was it was rectified. You were wrong to go into his account though and do what you did, but you got it fixed, so no harm no foul at that point.

It sounds like he just doesn't want to pay his dues on this and he's looking for a way out of it. The league commish shouldn't have to pay anything on his behalf. If he doesn't pay, then he should never be let in the league again.
Yeah it gets pretty retarded. I don't remember what the fight was about but a few years back in this same league, two of the guys got in an argument (can't remember over what) and carried out their argument over emails sent to the entire league. It was hilarious!! To end it, one of the guys told the other guy to find new plans for New Years party and all this junk. It was hysterical.

Originally Posted by BigBull17 View Post
I would be pissed, because Orton is my whole team...Nah, he over-reacted to something you now know you shouldn't have done. You were in the wrong, but he was an ass hat.
Actually, I was trading him Orton which would have been the best QB he had on his team. Your last sentence sums it up perfectly though.

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