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Default Re: Yesterdays disaster

(Long time lurker that just never posts)......I've been a season ticket holder for 4 years now and yesterday's parking was an unmitigated disaster. I park in the Maroon lot and the parking attendants royally blew their one job. They actually triple parked at the Maroon lot's 610 exit, completely blocking it. Thankfully one parking spot size lane was able to be opened up via the moving of a few cars. Throughout the maroon lot the attendants allowed cars to be boxed in with other cars. It was like a valet service on steroids, except nobody had the keys to move any cars. Of course the attendants had no answers for how we were supposed to leave. Just a total disaster from the word go. This will be the last year I park in the Maroon. (And getting there earlier won't solve this problem, I was at the lot at 10:50 and it was already bad, but finding a spot wasn't the problem; even if finding a spot is the problem, my life will rarely allow me to show up at 8AM to tailgate).
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