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Originally Posted by Showtime100 View Post
IMO his e-mail was unneccessary and an attempt at drumming up support, I don't know what his motivation was but he needs to get away from the diva throne and talk to you about it. Just wait a few days and it'll simmer down.

You didn't cheat but the joke was in bad taste (you asked ), but seeing how there are safeguards against bogus trades and whatnot the guy could take that into consideration. His unhappiness is justified but if it were me I would have told you "uncool" and that would have been the end of it (after a few free beers of

Maybe your guy is embarrassed that you could think on it 5 minutes and guess your way into his team, dunno.

Had the trade gone through the misdemeanor goes straight to a felony (kidding....kinda) though the trade could have been made in reverse to correct the problem, right?

Bottom line we are talking Fantasy Football (!) here and that is no reason to get real on a friend as it seems he did with you.

So, years later are you guys going to be the two old men in Central Park that scream at each other on a daily basis over checkers but wouldn't have it any other way?
Thanks for the post. I especially agree with the bold and thought the line about going straight from misdemeanor to felony put the whole argument into perspective. If I had committed a felony, my friend definitely would have had more of a case. If the trade had gone through and/or if I caused his team to lose his game, I could understand his reaction.

Originally Posted by Hardcore Texan View Post
I pretty much agree with this entire post. I agree with the people that stated it was invasion of privacy. I agree it looks like he's making up excuses now and being whiny.

You owed up to your mistake and apologized. And from what I am gathering he accepted it and moved on.....until the email. If he accepted it and moved on he needs to shut his pie hole at this point. Maybe it started to bother him after and he stewed over it? That might explain and is somehat understandble it would bother him later on, but by gones are by gones at this point.

That being said, I would pretty much take the high road but I would email the entire league as reply and state the facts, the intention of it, the fact you informed him and cancelled the trade and you notify the commish. And you apologized. I would get that out there to basically counter act the idea you're cheat.

People make mistakes. You apologized, what are you supposed to do, beg him to be your friend? Hell no. At some point you just got to shrug your shoulders, knowing you did what you could to smooth things over.
Your post perfectly sums up what happened, and I actually emailed the league about it immediately after I saw his email. I explained it was a joke, that I wasn't trying to cheat the league, and that I got the trade vetoed. No harm done other than the invasion of my friend's privacy.

And this was my argument. Since I didn't effect his team in a negative way, the argument was between my friend and I. No need to take it to a bunch of people in our fantasy league.

Originally Posted by dc_txtech View Post
I pretty much agree with what has been said. Me and a buddy of mine have a long standing rivalry of trying to guess each others passwords or if someone leaves their account open while they're not at the computer, free reign to make comments. It's usually something like "My name is Jake and I'm a big fat asshole". But I think either of us would be upset if the other person touched the roster or accepted a trade.

With that said, your friends being a little punk about the whole situation. There was no need send out an email to the entire league and this should not alleviate him from his responsibility to pay into the league.

Edit: I thought I heard Hookem say that Texans Talk would change ahole to Bud Adams. I was looking forward to that.
Pretty funny you and your buddy do that. Also, changing asshole to Bud Adams would be awesome. My friend has just been a Bud Adams about this whole thing!

Originally Posted by Dutchrudder View Post
Is he a Cowboys fan? That might explain his unnecessary angst. They are a little edgy right now...

And yes, he's a douchenozzle for trying to quit the league over a practical joke. I think it's funny, but I have to disagree with the above posters 'privacy' issue. It's not like you were hacking his email to read private information, that would be invasion of privacy. You got no new knowledge from going into his FF account, his team is completely public info. It's a harmless joke, which turned out to effect nothing.

If he quits the league, mail him a tampon and tell him you're sorry you did this joke at the wrong time of the month.
Interesting the different perspectives. Honestly, this is how I feel but since my friend seems to view it as an invasion of his privacy, I guess I need to be willing to go along with that because that is his perception of what happened. Like you said though, I gained no extra knowledge that I couldn't gain by just looking at this team on the league page.

Your line at the end is hysterical! If I had read this early enough, I would have done so.

Originally Posted by FirstTexansFan View Post
As a retired IT admin, I've been in the possession of others passwords for years, with not one incident of me ever logging into someone elses account for anything unless I had the express permission from that individual to do so, and even then, I've always made it my practice to have the person present if possible. I do feel it's a direct violation of his privacy.

Now is he wrong in what he's done in retaliation? You bet, he seems to be very immature by not accepting this young mans apology. So, I'm going to agree with you, he's a closet Bony Homo fan, and should be euthanized
Nice perspective on the matter coming from an IT admin. I guess what I didn't know or think about when I did this whole thing is even though what I am looking at on the fantasy page is full public access, the invasion of his privacy occurs when I try guessing his password. Whether or not it only took me 1 try to get it doesn't matter.

Hilarious line at the end! He would have to be a closet Bony Homo fan because as far as I can tell, he is the biggest Texans fan I know other than me. Very funny though!

Originally Posted by mattieuk View Post
Well, he shouldn't be sounding off about not paying dues and everything, it's not that big of an issue.

However, as others have said, getting hacked into is a pretty crappy experience. With the dependency on computers of people these days, combined with the fact a lot of people have 'generic' passwords across all range of email and important accounts, I can see why he'd feel really bad about it...its as said before a breech of privacy. I guess I would compare it to the old style 'I read your diary' type of issue.

But yea, two wrongs don't make a right, it just ruins FF. Oh, and for the record, I rate Hightower as a FF option.
Agree completely. This is why it is good to get other perspectives.

As far as Hightower, he is only much of a fantasy football option because of the injury to Beanie Wells. He isn't your everyday starting RB or even an every week flex option. On the other hand, Orton could start for him every week considering how bad he is at QB (Derek Anderson & Mike Vick).

Anyway, thanks a ton everyone for the comments. I will rep all of you I can for the comments as I really appreciate the advice. My buddy and I have actually worked it out in time to go tailgate tomorrow at the Texans game, although no tickets to the game, we will have tvs set up, and party on hoping/expecting to see a Texans victory. He ended up emailing me and apologizing for sending the email. He still is being weird though and has decided he doesn't want to play but the league commish is having someone else take over his team and pay the dues so no harm is done to the league. At least if he realizes emailing the league was a ***** move then I am cool. I wished he would have just kept playing in the league, but that is his choice. What's important is that we root on the Texans in the parking lot tomorrow while many of you root them on inside the stadium.

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