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Default Re: Fantasy Football Disagreement

Originally Posted by Stemp View Post
Tell the guy to pay his dues or his team gets suspended. If no harm came and the trade was vetoed, then the guys is looking for a reason to not pay. You don't need guys like that for FF.

Originally Posted by gtexan02 View Post
Sounds to me like he's got something else going on and is looking for an excuse. No harm, no foul. You did nothing wrong, his team is exactly the same as it was before. This guy sounds like he's covering up for something else
Sure seems that way. I think he just doesn't like his team.

Originally Posted by Grams View Post
I don't think you need to pay his dues,

However I don't think you should have been in his account and accepting trades for him either. Doesn't matter if you think it is a joke. I would have been very upset if someone had done that to me. Probably not to the extent he is, but very PO'D.
Originally Posted by HOU-TEX View Post
I agree with Grams. The dude has no case, but you were wrong to log into his account. I think whenever a password is needed it is considered to be private. You invaded somebody's privacy, IMO of course
Originally Posted by Showtime100 View Post
I third it.
Agree completely with all 3 of you. I apologized to him profusely and told him it was a lapse in judgment on my part. Even though it was a joke, it was an invasion of his privacy. I let him know that even if he kept the same password, it would never happen again. He has my word on that.

I'm curious if you guys think the email he sent was okay. I mean I could let it slide if he sent it the day everything happened and did it in the heat of the moment. But the guy knew it was a joke, I had already apologized a ton, and then two days later he fires off this email to everyone basically making me out to be a cheat, unsportsmanlike, and disrespectful. It was pretty low IMO.

Originally Posted by jaayteetx View Post
He's being a whiny little biaaaatch.
And I have to agree with this as well.

I mean I have tried explaining all of this to my buddy, and he claims he is over it, yet he still wants to use this as an excuse to not pay and to not play. Pretty messed up IMO.

And rep to all of you I can for the responses. It definitely helps.
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