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He is returning kicks but not punts.
Yeah with the 3 headed monster they are running in Seattle, I'm not sure he is the guy to pickup. As I said, I already picked up Taylor as a bit of a replacement for Cadillac but am very intrigued also by Javon Ringer (hey Chris Johnson can't stay healthy forever, right?) and Isaac Redman for the Steelers. Both guys look like they offer some potential down the road especially if injuries occur. Ringer is probably better but will only be worth anything if CJ gets hurt. Redman on the other hand is going to be the Steelers main goal line back and will definitely take some carries from Mendenhall.

I really appreciate the comments JB

Duthchman, dc txtech, where are you guys? I'm waiting for some commentary from you two. Did I really screw up with this trade? Personally, I feel pretty damn good about it, but am a little more concerned about RBs. One injury and I might be hurting unless I make some very smart early moves.
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