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I like to carry three QB's if possible. top tier #1 Aaron Rodgers. third level like a Matt Ryan then for good measure off waivers biggest surprise like a healthy Matt Hasselback. that gives you various combinations plus if you have a flex option that includes QB you can use the top two in best match-ups for maximum points. but hey that's just me you do what you want.
No need for 3 QBs in my league. We can only play 1 QB a week and cannot use one as a flex option. That is only left open for WR and RB.

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Rivers has talent but cries too much for my taste. Orton is one knock away from season ending status, his durability is always a question?
Rivers may cry a river, but you can't knock his play, especially in fantasy. The guy has been a top 4-8 fantasy football QB the last 4 years or so. I simply continues to put up numbers. Great QB IMO.

Anyway, back on topic. What do you guys think of my trade? Obviously, I should probably drop Chester Taylor as he provides me little in the rushing game. So my choices on the waiver wire, as Peyton Hillis already got picked up, are Fred Taylor, Javon Ringer, John Kuhn, Julius Jones, Leon Washington, Brian Westbrook, Laurence Maroney, Jerrious Norwood, Mike Bell, Kevin Smith, Kareem Huggins, Earnest Graham, and Tashard Choice. Slim pickings I'd say. I am leaning towards Fred Taylor.
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