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I probably would have kept Mendenhall, right now he is all Pitts got, then with cheesburger comes back his touches will decrease but his yards per will increase. Welker is a plus so he may end of saving you, a consistent WR is worth his weight in gold. you have plenty of depth @ RB too.
My focus would be to upgrade QB now
I have Philip Rivers and Kyle Orton. Don't feel too bad about my QBs. Only position I was weak at was #2 WR. I gave up a #1 RB to get a #2 RB (Benson) and #2 WR.

The thing that got me with Mendenhall is the stat I read about how terrible of a day he really had until he broke off that one big run they have been constantly showing on ESPN. Without that, he would have had a terrible day. I felt like this was a chance to buy low (Benson) and sell high (Mendenhall).

Still think I should upgrade at QB?
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