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Really anxious to hear some opinions on the trade. Who do you think won and who lost? Did I give up too much? I feel like for the long haul, Benson and Mendenhall are essentially a wash as both were 2nd-3rd round picks. I guess the major thing this trade says is I really placed my eggs in Arian's basket. If he fails, it is fairly likely my team fails. Welker is the icing, but I had to lose a great backup in case of injury in Cadillac.

Any suggestions on who I should grab on the waiver wire? Obviously, Brandon Jackson is gone. My RB core looks like this: Foster, Charles, Benson, & Spiller. Do you think I should keep Chester Taylor or get someone like Peyton Hillis, Fred Taylor, & Leon Washington. Anyone I should be on the lookout for?
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