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I was in a league last year that had no waivers unless a player was dropped. It was the worst thing ever. I didn't really understand how dumb it was until the commish picked up Miles Austin mid-game against KC. Basically, you don't want to miss any NFL action because if a star is born and you're not at your PC, you won't get him.

I don't care for that type of league. I like the ones where the waiver wire is reverse order of the standings each week or for every transaction you move to the back of the line. I think those make the most sense.
Good point. I have never been in a league without it, so I really don't have much experience with it. Ours is also in reverse order of the standings.

I guess it also depends on how into fantasy your group is. If everyone keeps up with it and different guys are signing the big name players, then I think it works. But if most everyone is just a casual fan and you have the one or two hardcore guys, then I can see where it would get a bit unfair and unbalanced.
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